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Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Neurolinguistic Programming
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My vision for each of my students is for them to connect to their true self through a safe and therapeutic yoga and massage bodywork practice blended with meditation techniques using neurolinguistic programming to help change  unwanted patterns and strengthen their unconscious mind to reach their true potential.

- Kat
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Private Therapeutic Yoga Bodywork
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Licensed Therapeutic Massage
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The Therapeutic Method


Therapeutic private yoga lessons can offer a multitude of benefits to anyone to improve their flexibility, mobility, or advance their own yoga practice.  Often, what may take months in a class setting can be accomplished in a few hours under private instruction. You will achieve better body alignment and awareness, which can improve all aspects of your life.


Yoga was traditionally taught by one teacher directly to one student. The great ancient teachers understood the importance of individualizing each yoga experience to meet the needs of the individual student.  


Private Yoga is an invaluable tool for students of all levels of experience.  Katherine will provide the perfect setting to address your goals and work on your areas of interest.  Private yoga classes are an investment for your personal growth and health.
(970) 289-4734
(970) 289-4734
(970) 289-4734

You are a beginner to advanced or injured to healthy,  and want to improve your strength, balance, flexibility and mobility in everyday life.

You want to learn proper alignment and have one on one assistance.

You want to take your practice deeper and focus on specific poses.


You want to develop a yoga or meditation practice that you can do within the comfort of your own home.


You want to learn how to modify postures and sequences for specific injuries or health concerns.
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What happens in a private session?
Typically, you will receive a text confirmation the day before your appointment. In addition, I will ask you to update me on how your body has been feeling and functioning that day. This will help us to determine what to focus on during your session. There are 3 paths to take for a typical private session:

1) Body is feeling great path: This is fantastic! Your session will begin on your mat with a mindful warm up, progress to a series of challenging yoga postures focusing on your health goals, and finish with Thai Yoga Bodywork as well as other therapeutic massage modalities on your yoga mat. Each session includes mindfulness teachings and practices to help you embody your soul's full potential.

2) Body is a bit sore: This means more options! Your session will begin with a neuromuscular rehabilitation table massage, followed by a set of asanas (poses) to train proper body mechanics focusing on your health goals. Finally, you will finish with Thai Yoga Bodywork as well as other therapeutic massage modalities on your yoga mat. Each session includes mindfulness teachings and practices to help you embody your soul's full potential.
3) Body is very sore, or just had a bad day: This is even better! Your session will take place either on the massage table or Thai mat. This means that we can work on any trouble spots that have been bothering you or give you a chance to relax and unwind. This is option teaches a self-loving approach for if you’re yearning for true liberation, emotional freedom, and to embody your soul's full potential.

The studio has a full bathroom for you to keep your belongings or freshen up afterwards. Each session includes warm or cool lavender face towels to complete your therapeutic experience.

  • Arrive early. Getting to your session 5 minutes early can help you settle in and align your attitude with your practice. While you are waiting you can practice a pose, stretch or just sit or lie quietly.

  • Avoid strong scents as it may linger in the studio and may not be agreeable with the next client.

  • Avoid eating 2-3 hours prior to your session. Practicing on a full stomach may result in cramps, nausea or vomiting, especially in twists, deep forward bends or inversions. Digesting food also takes energy so you may feel lethargic before or during your session.

  • Communicate injuries or special needs. Let me know of any health concerns or injuries and we will skip bodywork that may exacerbate your injury or try a modified version.

  • Create an intention. This will help you focus. You may find it helpful to dedicate your practice to a person or cause. Your intention might be to become more aware, understanding, loving, compassionate, healthier, stronger or more skillful.

  • Maintain the peace and quiet. Please leave your cell phone in the bathroom and try not to check it during your break. We like to keep socializing outside of the studio as it is distracting to your mindfulness practice.

  • Don’t push it. You will go farther faster by taking a loving attitude toward yourself and work from where you are rather than from where you think you should be.