Down Dog Yoga will be offering a special six week session geared for beginners.

The series will run August 17, 24, and 31 and September 14, 21, and 28.

Each class will be held on a Monday night from 7:30-8:30p.m.

The series will focus on getting back to the fundamental aspects of Vinyasa yoga that caters to very new beginners or those looking for a gentler class. Each class the teacher will focus on calming the mind, getting in touch with your breath and heartbeat, providing understandings of sun-salutations, and learning basic yoga poses. It is ideal for those who have never taken yoga before and are interested at starting at the basics. The series of classes will build on the previous class; however, students can sign up for the entire series or just drop in for a single class.

Full 6 week session costs $60.

Drop in costs $15/class.

Those attending the full 6 weeks must pre-pay. There will be no refunds.


108 Sun Salutations

SATURDAY, JUNE 20, Down Dog Yoga will be hosting 108 Sun Salutations at 1:08 p.m.

To celebrate the transition of seasons and the summer solstice, the studio will be open to new and olds members alike. Admission is free with optional cash donation. Bring water, a mat, and towel, and be prepared to kick off the summer with sweat and style.

Kundalini Classes and Workshop

Special Kundalini classes and workshop will be offered by guest teacher Dante.


THURSDAY, JUNE 25 from 7:30-8:45 and THURSDAY, JULY 2 from 7:30-8:45

$15 per class


SUNDAY, JULY 5 from 11:30-1:30

$25 for workshop

Kundalini yoga is a very powerful and healing form of yoga. Classes alternate between active and passive phases, with powerful rhythmic movements which release tension followed by periods of deeper and deeper meditative stillness as we become more aware of our souls and bodies. in addition to yoga asanas and excercises, Kundalini yoga uses many different breathing exercises (pranayama) and chanting divine mantras. This yoga gives a powerful energy, deep relaxation and bliss through its profound effect on the body’s endocrine system, which balances the body’s electromagnetic field and chakras. Kundalini yoga is thought to have roots in practices dating 10,000 years ago and was once kept secret in India for many years. This form of Kundalini Yoga as we know it today was popularized by Yogi Bhajan and is spread to this day after his death by the organization 3HO (Happy Healthy Holy).

BIO: Dante (Mahan Jiwan Singh) experienced a spiritual awakening when he was 19 which lead him to a devoted practice of yoga, meditation, and study of healing and occult arts. He completed his yoga training in winter 2012 at Dhyana Yoga school in Philadelphia, PA and immediately afterward began to teach at Hawthorne Yoga & Reiki, where he was introduced to Reiki and energy healing and learned level one and two of traditional Usui Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) with Sean Jacobs. He later completed Master Level with Danielle Stimpson, founder of Learn Reiki Philadelphia. Feeling a strong draw to the land of the Mayan people for the transition in December 2012, he left on a one way ticket to Mexico and spent a month in a spiritual gathering in Palenque where many spiritual seekers and shaman gathered to call in a new time of healing and spirituality for the planet. Afterward, he traveled to Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala to the New Age village San Marcos la Laguna and instantly felt he had arrived at home. During his time in Guatemala Dante studied with two different shaman and many other healers, working with vibrational medicine, tantra, sacred Mayan cacao, and shamanic healing.  He later traveled to India with his partner for many months to visit sacred places and complete a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in the holy Sikh city Amritsar. Dante has been a powerful catalyst for transformation and healing for many through his healing sessions and classes, though he is still very much a student and feels a strong thirst to go deeper with his teachers and learn new modalities. He has an all inclusive “New Age” approach to spirituality that says following “one path” is a part of the past and a future of light is in the making through bringing the wisdom from all parts of the globe together with Divine Love.


Introduction to Daoist Yoga

Tradition, practice and mysticism.

with Sifu Damon Honeycutt

Dates: April 25th

Time: from 11:30 to 5:30 pm

Cost: $90

This workshop is an introduction to the art of Daoist Yoga.  Daoist Yoga is an internal practice that uses both static (Yin) and dynamic (Yang) postures to promote health, flexibility, strength and longevity. The primal energies of Yin and Yang are integrated with the Wu xing (5 Elements : Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire, Water) allowing practitioners of Daoist Yoga to fully understand the subtleties of expansive and intrinsic energy.

This workshop will give the participant :

❖ a deeper understanding of Daoist Yoga

❖ tools to empower the students personal practice

❖ an introduction Daoist history and tradition

❖ practical explanations and applications of Jing, Qi, and Shen

❖ Yin and Yang elemental postures

What is?

Daoist Yoga


Daoist Yoga is an internal practice that can uses both static (yin) and moving (Yang)postures to promote health, flexibility and strength. The primal energies of yin and Yang are then integrated with the wu xing (5 elements). This manifold way evolves the art to a deeper understanding for the practitioner to harvest a lifelong cultivation that enfolds within the practice itself.

With breath, motion and intention, Daoist Yoga enhances the jing (essence), refines qi(energy) and brings shen (spirit) force of all who practice.

Daoist yoga not only provides a development of acumen and character but gives the body, mind and spirit preparation for advanced practice in any movement art, thus being a great foundation or supplement to any training.

Sifu Damon Honeycutt was one of Paul and Suzee Grilley’s early students, with their recommendation he went on to become one of Daoist Master Paulie Zink’s core pupils. Damon travels and teaches the Daoist arts to a select few in the USA and abroad.


Make and Take Class

Hosted by Amanda Kocur

Sunday March 29th

2:00pm – 3:30pm

Join us for an afternoon of learning about Young Living Essential oils and how they have changed our lives! You’ll have the opportunity to smell and try out oils and you won’t leave without a few homemade goodies of your own!  Some of the goodies you can look forward to making are: colored bath salts, lemon fresh sea scrub, sleep spray, and a face sugar scrub.

Sign up required by March 21st