Daoist Yoga Workshop


Introduction to Daoist Yoga

Tradition, practice and mysticism.

with Sifu Damon Honeycutt

Dates: April 25th & 26th

Time: from 11:30 to 5:30 pm each day

Cost: $150 both days, $90 one day

This workshop is an introduction to the art of Daoist Yoga.  Daoist Yoga is an internal practice that uses both static (Yin) and dynamic (Yang) postures to promote health, flexibility, strength and longevity. The primal energies of Yin and Yang are integrated with the Wu xing (5 Elements : Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire, Water) allowing practitioners of Daoist Yoga to fully understand the subtleties of expansive and intrinsic energy.

This workshop will give the participant :

a deeper understanding of Daoist Yoga

tools to empower the students personal practice

an introduction Daoist history and tradition

practical explanations and applications of Jing, Qi, and Shen

Yin and Yang elemental postures

What is?

Daoist Yoga


Daoist Yoga is an internal practice that can uses both static (yin) and moving (Yang)postures to promote health, flexibility and strength. The primal energies of yin and Yang are then integrated with the wu xing (5 elements). This manifold way evolves the art to a deeper understanding for the practitioner to harvest a lifelong cultivation that enfolds within the practice itself.

With breath, motion and intention, Daoist Yoga enhances the jing (essence), refines qi(energy) and brings shen (spirit) force of all who practice.

Daoist yoga not only provides a development of acumen and character but gives the body, mind and spirit preparation for advanced practice in any movement art, thus being a great foundation or supplement to any training.

Sifu Damon Honeycutt was one of Paul and Suzee Grilley’s early students, with their recommendation he went on to become one of Daoist Master Paulie Zink’s core pupils. Damon travels and teaches the Daoist arts to a select few in the USA and abroad.