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Public Therapeutic Yoga Classes

Through Yax Yoga Concepts and Licensed Massage Therapy, Kat is trained to teach all levels of therapeutic yoga.  The following are descriptions of her public therapeutic yoga classes. Every Sunday, Kat builds a new therapeutic yoga sequence including therapeutic anatomy and injury rehabilitation curriculum for her students.  You may access a brief overview of the therapeutic sequence using the link below. Please note that Kat does provide hands-on adjustments within her scope of practice as a LMT during all classes. If you choose to be left alone on your mat, there will be a time given for you to decline adjustments after the bell ring for the intention setting of class.  


Each class begins and ends with meditation, the true practice of yoga.  Using Neurolinguistic Programming, we can retrain the unconscious and conscious mind to use the proper resources, tools, attributes, attitudes, and beliefs you already have to process unresolved emotional experiences and achieve personal goals.  

All Levels Yoga Class

A stationary sequence, which means you come back to a stationary standing posture, Mountain Pose, between other postures. The alignment principles of Mountain Pose structure every other posture. These principles, called Vertical Stabilization, form the foundation of the class. This slow-paced, detailed-alignment style is ideal for beginners, and appropriate for intermediate and advanced students. This is a great way to build a solid foundation of the week's focus. 

Sculpt 68

This class focus is on joint mobility and proper body mechanics. We still follow the week's focus, and use light hand weights to strengthen the joints. Expect higher reps and attention to Vertical Stabilization. Notify Kat of any injuries prior to class so she can help you during class. This class is open to yogis of all levels.

Flow class

Room Temperature is set to 80% with no added humidity.

Traditionally called Vinyasa, a class of continuous movement where you transition from posture to posture, synchronizing the breath with every movement. This class follows therapeutic sequencing, with the sequence subtly changing from class to class, depending on the attendees. The Sun Salutation, a series of poses that are the foundation of the class, defines the flow. This class is open to yogis of all levels. Candlelight Flow is a class lit only with tea lights. This class allows you to explore your practice at your own pace. Kat will practice on the mat at the front of the room without any alignment adjustments during class. If you are new, it is suggested to set your mat near her at the front of the room.


TRX was invented by a Navy SEAL to hone balance, flexibility, strength and core stability simultaneously. The TRX suspension trainer is a versatile, portable hanging strap that gives you leverage against gravity to assist you in difficult yoga poses while also working the strength and flexibility you need to achieve the pose in your regular yoga flows.