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Meditation Foundations

With meditation foundations at DDYoga, we use neurolinguistic coaching, guided visualization, and meditation to help you remove unwanted unconscious patterns, triggers, beliefs, behaviors, chronic injury, and phobias.  Every sensation from the body and emotion from the mind is a teacher, has a positive intention, and is trying to tell you something but somewhere in your history they split. With guided visualization, we can use your timeline and  track it back into your history when these patterns started. There’s a good chance these unwanted patterns started between birth and 7 years old. Through these mindfulness practices, we can change your perception, attitudes, behaviors, feelings,  and beliefs around your patterns to help you live your best life now.

mala anjali mudra.JPG

Unless you actually see what you are everyday – the way you talk, the way you feel, the way you react – unless you lay the foundation there, how can you go very far?  You have to lay this foundation, which is to understand what you are. And you can understand what you are only by watching yourself, not trying to correct it, not trying to shape it, not trying to say this is right or this is wrong, but by seeing what is actually taking place...  When you do look in that way, you will find that you look with eyes which are full of affection. And it is only when there is great affection and love that you see the total existence of life." 

– J. Krishnamurti

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